Company Profile


In 1983, Koos Mulder was asked if he wanted to cooperate in the escalators industry. From that moment on he was focused on construction, assembly and disassembly of escalators. The activities were only the mechanical parts.


In 1990 there was an expansion of its activities by entering the electrical circuits in which these activities were extended to a total construction of escalators. From individual parts to completion of the final product.


In 1995 the work was again extended to inspections based on the already very extensive experience in the industry of escalators. Inspections are a vital link between primary construction, maintenance, safety and long-term use of escalators. Inspections can be requested directly by owners of escalators.


Today, Koos Mulder is Project Manager of walkways and escalators. Besides that its activities cover assembly and disassembly of escalators and walkways. Maintenance and inspection are also amongst its permanent primary jobs.